Friday, February 2, 2018

New Show - Live at 9pm EST 2/2/18

Watch as I lure Philly comic and author Nick Kupsey into a conversation about cryptocurrency with fried chicken from the gas station on delaware ave and spring garden. 

Mike Salvi's World 2018 (show starts at 24:18)

37:44 - Steve Miller-Miller 
48:00 - Nick Kupsey
59:40 - Fried Chicken and Crypto 

Show starts at 24:18, I could edit it or just spend my birthday not editing it and telling you to fast forward to 24:18. 

Steve Miller-Miller, THANK YOU for your hard work and may your cryptos blow up

Saturday, January 20, 2018

I moved


I just leased a place in Steemitopolis. If you're in the neighborhood stop by I'm usually out front. 

You may knock for me and it may take you a while to get into Steemit, but it sounds promising. So sign up, you may have to wait a week or so, but once you're in, hit me up, come see the crib. 

Also if you're not doing anything on Groundhog's Day after 9pm est, make sure you come by. Should be a good time. 

translation, we're airing live on February 9th sometime after 9pm. Also if you want to follow my reemergence into the world, it won't be here anymore, it'll all be on steemit. Challenge with Steemit is while it's free, you won't be approved right away, so sign up for it now so you're in by the time the show starts.