Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ep 1 - MSW ft TFP Members

Live from TFP's networking social on 2/10/12. Just as a sidenote, I've yet to come up with a better title than "TFP Social" for our get togethers. The name makes it sound like a high class frat party, but the gist of our get togethers is as simple as it is complex.

They're held every other month, we host a pot-luck dinner, run a food drive (we collect non-perishables and give them away to local charities), meet and greet new/seasoned members, exchange business cards, mingle, host informal discussions, exchange ideas, promote upcoming events, and just hang out.

This time we recorded the debut of my podcast which was awesome, at least for us, hopefully you enjoy it. I got a chance to sit down with Mark Passio, Mike Randazzo, Dana Costello, and Jim Babb. The livestream video on Ustream was a success, the audio version on TalkShoe, however, was not a success.

Ideally there'd be a link to the audio version of the show here, next time? We'll see. For now, enjoy...

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