Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mike Salvi's World ft Garrett Fox - COMING SOON!

UPDATE 3/21/12: Learning as you go has its pluses and minuses...right now in Mike Salvi's World, we're experiencing a minus. No episode tonight, sorry, we'll back soon though so hang in there. I thought I knew how to use Skype with USTREAM, but clearly I don't. Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience!

here's a brief explanation of what happened

WORD! This episode's guest is, yet another one of my favorite people, Garrett Fox!

If you don't know Garrett, he's "a former skater/punk kid who never grew out of his disdain for authority and the fact that words on paper are only that. They don’t grant extra rights and powers to anyone. Yet he’s javascript:void(0)still trapped in the “real world” with everyone else. Always having an urge to discuss art, music, technology and all the holes in the walls, it was only natural for him to verbally point a finger at them and put it on the internet. He now lives back in his home town, in Maryland and works constantly on The Disindoctrination Podcast."

This episode of "Mike Salvi's World" will be simulcasting with "The Disndoctrination Podcast." This is my first attempt at an episode where my guest is live via Skype. I know the conversation will be awesome, as every interaction with Garrett is awesome, and depending on the quality of getting a video call onto USTREAM, this may open up alot of doors for the future of the show. We go live tonight at 6pm, TUNE IN!!!

Click here to watch live on USTREAM

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