Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Guest Spot on "The Disindoctrination Podcast" - The Big Ten Relapse

Well, we tried to simulcast our shows, but that didn't happen yet. However, we DID get to record Garrett's 10th episode of the "The Disindoctrination Podcast" which was awesome! Check us out and subscribe to his show!

Click here to listen

After failing at getting the Ustream up and running, Garrett Fox has the honor of Mike Salvi joining The Disindoctrination Podcast. They speak of Mike Salvi’s World, his activism and organization of different rallys and events in Philly. Apparently Garrett doesn’t know what he’s talking about when it comes to the stamp act. Nullify Now! The latest event Mike has coming up in Philly. It’s called the…”Rally for Sound Money Day“. Great music from great friends and a new one Tatiana Moroz!

Garrett, can't thank you enough man, I had alotta fun, looking forward to having you on the show. Stay tuned and enjoy folks!

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