Monday, March 26, 2012

Philly END THE FED Rally!!!

Truth, Freedom, Prosperity, in association with other local sound money advocates, presents our 8th END THE FED rally on Sunday 4/22/12.

This event will be a peaceful outreach, and we guarantee it'll be the most fun you've ever had at an economics rally.

Yes, the bank itself is closed on Sunday, and that's irrelevant to the underlying theme behind our rally, and that is to TURN YOUR BACK ON THE FED!

We're not asking the unelected, unaccountable decision makers who have a stranglehold monopoly on our money supply to meet any sort of demands. While there are countless solutions for the current economic climate, we as a group advocate educating the public about the Federal Reserve System, the dangers of central banking, in addition to finding ways to reduce your Federal Reserve Note footprint.
We will meet at the FED at 11am, rally outside, stand together, wave signs, and welcome our guest speakers.

Featured Speakers:

  • Adam Kokesh (Adam Vs. The Man)
  • Larken Rose (
  • Scott Davis (Pennsylvania Revolution)

The sea of people that will make up our march will be lead by special guest hosts, Veterans for Ron PaulTHE FED Army Personnel Carrier! 

At 12:00pm the Veterans for Ron Paul will stand with us, fall into formation, and together we'll TURN OUR BACKS and marchAWAY from the FED. The march will end at Independence Hall at 1pm, just in time for the highly anticipated Phreedom 2012 rally ft Dr. Ron Paul!

RSVP & invite your friends! Keep checking back for more updates!

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