Monday, March 12, 2012

Random Ron Paul sign sightings, and my new friends.

3/13/12 UPDATE: The day after I posted this, I saw what's on the following video on my way home from work.

now back to our original post...

This is becoming less and less surprising anymore, however, the thrill has yet to disappear.

Almost two years ago my daughter entered into the dance world, hiphop, jazz, ballet, and a few other styles I can't keep up with. Last year, at her first competition, I saw a car in the parking lot covered in liberty centered bumper stickers, a few of which, were Ron Paul stickers. So I grabbed my camera, and a sign, and left them an anonymous gift.

Didn't leave my name or anything, just a thank you note along with the sign. It only took about 2 days before I got an email from the owner who saw the video online and emailed me through my youtube account. They loved it, thanked me, and I made a new friend.

Then a few months ago, dropping my daughter off at her dance school, I spotted another Ron Paul supporter's house. So naturally I pulled over and left a gift.

I actually knocked on their door on a different occasion since it happens to be in my district to have them sign my delegate ballot access petition, and of course, made a new friend.

Last weekend, on my way home from another one of my daughter's competitions, I saw another huge 20'x7' Ron Paul banner on a house with at least 5 Ron Paul 2012 signs in the front lawn, which happens to be on a pretty big high traffic highway. Not being one to pass up opportunity, I pulled over, froggered my way across 50mph traffic, and went on my way to make a new friend.

This time was slightly different than the other encounters. The front door had a sign that said something like "all deliveries around back, no one will hear you knock on this door." My only delivery was a thank you and a potential new friendship, so I headed around back. Not gonna lie, I heard a pretty deep, intimidating voice from the second floor wondering why I was on their property. In the friendliest voice I could muster, I said "I'm a Ron Paul delegate in Philly, I saw the sign and just wanted to say hi and thanks." The voice from the second floor leaned over the balcony and said, "yea that's my brother's, hold up...YO! someone's here for you!"

From the garage about 100 feet behind the house comes a pretty big dude with a black wife beater, with what looked like a pretty meaty .45 on his hip, so again I mustered up my friendly voice and a very manufactured big smile, and blurted out "my name is Mike Salvi, I'm a Ron Paul delegate from Philly, I saw the sign and just wanted to say hi and thanks!" Which probably sounded an awful lot like, "don't shoot!"

Once again, I made a new friend, we exchanged info, wished each other luck and I went on my merry way. If you want to make new friends, and have an occasional funny story, pull over when you see Ron Paul signs. It's easy to feel alone in this "fight" and it's easy to get discouraged when you hear what the establishment dishes out. One of the best cures for that is to get out in the street and go find like minded people. Online social networking is one thing, but there's zero substitute for talking to people in person, you'll be amazed out how not-alone you are.

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