Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ep 5 - MSW Podcast ft Truth, Freedom, Prosperity

Live From Truth, Freedom, Prosperity's bi-monthly get together. After a day of hours of street outreach, TFP members got a chance to unwind at MBN studios where we hold a pot luck dinner, food drive, and a live podcast at our networking social. TFP members Mike Heise, Jeff Douglass, Stacy Litz, and Dana Costello sit down with me to promote Phreedom 2012 and habla mierda for a bit, enjoy!

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Reporting live from TFP's Networking Social this Saturday will be the 5th episode of the Mike Salvi's World Podcast. If you don't know, we host get togethers for local activists in the Philly area every other month. There's a pot luck dinner (our members are incredible cooks), BYOB, and a food drive. It gives new and veteran members a chance to network, exchange ideas, promote upcoming events, and honestly it's just an excuse to let loose and hang out.

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