Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ep 6 - MSW Podcast ft Payday Monsanto 5/4/12

By far, this was the craziest episode! Ridiculously fun, Payday is just flat out awesome! I tried to hold my expectations back before we hit record, but human nature allowed them to creep in and damn they were blown away. Payday, I can't thank you enough, the way this episode went is exactly why I do this podcast. Can't wait to have you back on ANYtime! 

Everyone else, I know this is a longer episode, but so far the feedback has been great, and I concur. Watch the video if you have time, but for sure download the audio version and take us with you. We'll make your road trip, your commute to work, your house or yard work WAY more interesting in your iPod or on Stitcher Radio. Enjoy, we certainly did! 

Listen here, MSW Ep. 6 - Ft. Payday Monsanto

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Everytime I write a post promoting the next episode of the "Mike Salvi's World Podcast," I feel like I always say the same thing. "This is an episode I've been waiting for forever!" But it's the truth, every episode feels like that because my guests are awesome.

Payday Monsanto is no exception. I told Payday on the phone yesterday, even if we weren't friends, I'd still say he's one of my favorite hiphop MC's. In the hiphop world, the percentage of real artists doing what they love is so low compared to the nonsense you hear on the radio, or even the wannabes crawling up the ranks to get 2 minutes of fame.

Hiphop has always been about raw skills. When all the fluff disappears, real talent, lyric skills, delivery, confidence, humor, and even a splash of arrogance is what separates respectable MC's from the average person who can make a few words rhyme. 
I met Payday a few years ago and we clicked immediately. Hiphop is lucky to have his talent come through its channel, the freedom movement is lucky to have him spread the message of truth and liberty to a wider audience, and I'm lucky to have him right here in Philly.
Payday's latest track "Dr. Know" (THE Ron Paul hiphop song for the history books)

Snippets of some of Payday's older tracks, "Mass Hopenosis, No Monsanto, & Wicked by Design" 

Go to, buy his music, support a real hiphop artist who's definitely not afraid to speak his mind and cover real topics all while keepin' it street! 

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