Friday, May 11, 2012

Ep. 7 - MSW Podcast ft Planet from Outerspace 5/10/12

Two worlds coincide and combine as Planet crashes Mike Salvi's World in episode 7. We cover everything from being true to yourself and sticking to your guns, doing what you love, being parents, music, life, Greek riots, the Puerto Rican day parade, getting held up by the SWAT team, the Sixers, and plenty more. Plan, I can't thank you enough, looking forward to having Flip join us on the next one! 

Just like every episode, watch the video if you have time, but for sure download the audio version and take us with you. We'll make your road trip, your commute to work, your house or yard work WAY more interesting in your iPod or on Stitcher Radio. Enjoy, we certainly did!

Listen here, MSW Ep 7  - Ft. Planet from Outerspace

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In his historical oracle, he'll blast metaphorical editorials, educating in his territorial. Master Planetary, Plan, Pliz, Aquaman, Maj, Mario, call him what you like, I call him fam (that's short for family FYI). Knocking on 20 years ago, this cool ass Puerto Rican dude I used to buy cigarettes and blunts from would never ring the register, and everything was always half price. Never met him before, but the fight-club-nod was all that was necessary, he hooked me up, I hooked him up. 
Not long after our newfound tobacco-based relationship, The Mighty Flipside introduced me to this emcee called Aquaman, and lo and behold, it was the guy who worked at the unnamed store with the hook up! First time I heard him rhyme I knew rap would be his thing forever. He was part of a group called Outerspace which was made up of three of the sickest emcees I've ever heard. 
I watched them literally grow from ciphering on a street corner, to battling and crushing other groups, to open mics, to performing at all the local hot spots, to touring the world. Now down to two members, Crypt the Warchild and Planet, Outerspace has become a staple in underground hiphop around the globe, and in my opinion have earned the rank of one of Philly's greatest groups. 

Go to, listen to and download all their music, show real support to real artists, help them keep this labor of love for hiphop alive. Follow Plan on twitter @PlanetaryAOTP

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