Tuesday, May 1, 2012

MSW Podcast Updates 5-1-12

What's new in the world of the Mike Salvi's World podcast? Alot! So far I've completely done the back end of the past 5 episodes on my own and no doubt about it, I'm learning as I go. Been getting tips along the way from other podcasters, but for not knowing a thing about how to work all the background stuff out, I'd say it's been a satisfactory success so far.

Huge thanks to everyone who has tuned in, downloaded episodes, and kept up with the show. I can say I've done alot in my life, and so far, all else is hard pressed to top the amount of fun I'm having with the podcast. The schedule fits perfectly with my world, pretty damn sporadic. As of lately though, I've gotten more interest from friends who want to be guests, which makes the whole thing that much better.

So here's what's in store, at least for the month of May. New show every week, still no set day or time, and don't count on there ever being one. Regardless of a specific time, just count on a new episode by the end of each week. Still going with live video on USTREAM followed by the audio version to be uploaded to iTunes, Stitcher, and wherever my RSS feeds land within a few hours.

Guests in the pipeline for May and June are:
  • Payday Monsanto, Philly hiphop artist
  • Planetary (of Outerspace), Philly hiphop artist
  • Paul Ulmer, president of PA Oathkeepers
  • Rob Pepe, living legend, activist, heart on his sleeve Ron Paul supporter, Constable, and more
  • Keith Smith, long time Philly area activist
  • Ben Barnett, owner of MBN studios and Philadelphia Independent Film Festival mastermind

For email updates at email me at mike@mikesalvisworld.com, I won't sell your email or spam you. Follow me on twitter @chicomike215. Stay tuned!

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