Monday, June 25, 2012

Ep 9 - MSW Podcast ft Jameson & You 6/25/12 10pm EST

Click here for the audio version, Ep 9 ft Mike Salvi & Jameson

It's been a few weeks since we've blessed the world with another life changing episode of the Mike Salvi's World Podcast. Because of this tragic lapse in amazing audio/video mental stimulation, we made the choice to give you something special this time around.

What is Mike Salvi's World going to give you? Well, to quickly end the suspense you're feeling as you read this, here it is. This episode will feature, not only your favorite, but history's favorite podcast host and one of Ireland's finest children, Jameson Irish Whiskey. That's right, just me and some alcohol...sorry, alcohol and I. Also, depending on his schedule and attitude at the time, we may also be joined by the four-legged alpha male of the Salvi Rebel Base, General Caesar aka PC aka Ceezows aka Caesar Boy.

This will be our first official interactive episode, we not only welcome and encourage, but borderline need your participation. So take time to gather your thoughts, and email topics, questions, issues, etc to

We'll go live on Ustream tonight, Monday 6/25 at 10pm. We'll be open to live chat questions via facebook and Ustream, emailed questions, twitter messages, telepathically delivered thoughts, information beamed through the cosmos from other worlds and possibly parallel universes, and for the religious crowd, maybe even a sign from above (unfortunately not from any burning bushes, and hopefully not in the form of a catastrophic natural disaster).

Lots to cover, stories of interest, upcoming events, perception, contemplation of existence, attitude, tragedy, comedy, euphoria, depression, and whatever else comes up. Join us!


  1. Will the FED ever go back to the gold standard?

    1. Considering the FED's actions over the past 100 years, I doubt it. I'd like to see currency backed by something that holds a measurable value like gold has throughout history, however, keeping in mind that most of the gold in circulation is held by the same people who've destroyed the economy, I'm not sure a gold backed currency is the way to go either.