Thursday, June 7, 2012

MSW Newsletter - Stories of Interest 6/8/12

We're sprucing things up over here in Mike Salvi's World. Stories of interest just don't seem to be enough for me, so I've decided to add a pic of the day, a video of the day, and to keep you posted on upcoming events. Take a look at what stood out to me these past few days, enjoy!


The professional staff in charge of managing the banking committee will be quite familiar to J.P. Morgan Chase’s CEO Jamie Dimon and his team of lobbyists. That’s because the staff director for the Senate Banking Committee is none other than a former J.P. Morgan lobbyist, Dwight Fettig.

Hundreds of pre-crime surveillance cameras are to be installed in San Francisco’s subway system that will analyze “suspicious behavior” and alert guards to potential criminal or terrorist activity – before any crime has been committed.

"Transferring this situation from the negotiations track to the track of forcible sanctions would not be in anyone's interests,” the Russian minister said. “We consider additional sanctions absolutely counterproductive."  Moscow is maintaining regular contact with Tehran regarding the situation, which has caused a heightening of tensions between Iran and the United States and Israel.

If you like the ambience of rap music, but prefer contemplating space-time and stars over money and cars, a record tailored to your tastes is in the making. The hip-hop artist GZA, a founding member of the renowned Wu-Tang Clan rap group, will wax lyrical about the magnificence of the cosmos in a forthcoming album called "Dark Matter," slated for release this fall.

A massive dock that landed this week on Agate Beach more than a year after the Japan tsunami ripped it from its moorings is raising all kinds of questions about how to dismantle it and what to do with countless organisms that hitched a ride onboard. 

6/30 – 7/3 - Freedompalooza 2012

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