Friday, July 13, 2012

Ep 10 - MSW Podcast ft Aaron Morris 7/14/12 1:30pm EST

Aaron Morris stops by the Salvi Rebel Base to discuss life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We cover a pretty broad range of topics, with determination and personal success as the common thread. Watch the video if you have time, but definitely get the audio version (honestly the sound quality is better on the audio version) and take us with you in your car, during your workout, when you do yardwork, walk your pets, or however you spend your time, enjoy! 

Listen here, MSW Ep. 10 - ft Aaron Morris

10 years ago I fought at a national taekwondo competition in Cleveland. My team and I drove out together as we did for every tournament, however, this trip we acquired 3 extra fighters who weren't on our team but rode with us. One of the three tag-a-longs was a guy by the name of Aaron Morris.

Aaron earned his stripes in the marital arts world so I heard of him but never met him until the day we left for Cleveland. Within the first 5 minutes of the ride, he had the entire van laughing our asses off. Aaron ended up moving on to Olympic team trials that year, and his skills and business savvy has carried him to his current point in his successful life.

Now he runs his own martial arts school, called World Class Martial Arts, owns at least one other business that I know of, and lives life the way he wants to. Thanks to the internet, we recently reconnected, got to talking, he took notice to my activism and involvement in addressing the current state of the world and offered to be a guest on the show.

I couldn't be happier to have him on the show, he's self-driven, successful, hilarious, and has an awesome perspective on life and how to navigate through it. We go live on Saturday 7/14 at 1:30pm EST on ustream, audio will be uploaded shortly after, so tune in!

he's got this look on his face like "listen son, this fight's over, so you're gonna lay down or i'm gonna keep choking the shit outta you, it's that simple"

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  1. holy shit Salvi, you are like the Balboa of martial arts!