Monday, July 16, 2012

Ep 11 - MSW Podcast ft Michael Heise 7/19/12 8pm EST

Michael Heise pays a visit to the Mike Salvi's World headquarters for episode 11. Step into the Philly activist world and allow us to get all up in your ears for a while. As always, watch the video if you have time, but definitely download the audio version and take us with you in your car, during your workout, when you do yardwork, walk your pets, do a puzzle, paint your room, or however you spend your time, enjoy!  

If you look below (and have been following my show) you'll notice a familiar picture. That's because of all the activist related things Michael Heise and I have done together, that's the only picture I have with both of us (and few others) in it. 

Ever since I jumped into activism, I've been waiting for the universe to manifest the inevitable creation of a Mike Heise. He's young, he's sharp as a tack, looks rugged, and has more horsepower than a Bugatti, in short, he's exactly what the freedom movement needs. If the goal is to attract young people, Mike is a prime example of what one person can do with enough drive and enthusiasm.  

From showing up to Lemonade Freedom day as relatively unknown to organizing a national END THE FED rally less than a year later, Mike has shoved his way to the frontlines of the Philly freedom movement, and we're extremely lucky to have him as a part of the family! 

Join us as we go live this Thursday on Ustream. Topics will include, but certainly won't be limited to, Mike's attendance at Occupy Bilderberg, the Asbury Civil Disobedience Beach Party, monthly street outreach, and of course, the upcoming Nationwide END THE FED Rally this fall. 

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