Wednesday, July 11, 2012

MSW Newsletter - Stories of Interest 7/11/12

It's been an interesting past 2 weeks, so some of the stories that interested me are from last week. Larken Rose chimes in for this week's video, and a few more upcoming events have been added.

Also, take notice to a new section of Mike Salvi's World (
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Unions representing police, fire and public workers in the city of 76,000 filed three lawsuits after the city defied a judge's order and issued paychecks Friday that paid 398 city employees at the minimum wage of $7.25 an hour.

Sixteen Fortresses for Staving Off the Zombie Apocalypse (the following is actually posted on
In case you’re in complete denial or have been living under a rock in recent days, it has become quite apparent that THE ZOMBIE APOCALPYSE IS UPON US, PEOPLE. Reported horrific incidents of face-eatingintestine-throwingarm-gnawinghush-hush hazmat evacuations, and/or general cannibalistic mayhem can mean only one thing: it’s high- time we start preparing for the hordes of living dead that will soon begin roaming the world in search of delicious, delicious brains. 

“Iran is not seeking to have the atomic bomb, possession of which is pointless, dangerous, and is a great sin from an intellectual and a religious point of view.” Thus did supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei declare in February that Iran’s possession of atomic weapons would be a mortal sin against Allah. It is also the unanimous judgment of the U.S. intelligence community, declared in 2007 and affirmed in 2011, that Iran has abandoned any program to build nuclear weapons

Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty has released a new manifesto, entitled “The Technology Revolution.” It addresses the issue of Internet overregulation, and stresses the importance of preserving the private sector online. The manifesto essentially argues that the libertarian principle of minimal government oversight is very much applicable to the online world. The government should not try to exceed its constitutional powers, and should leave the Internet in the hands of individuals and private companies, the paper argues. 

There seems to be a race to pure foods among the nation's largest supermarkets as they ramp up their offerings, even launch their own brands of organics and naturals, and then heavily advertise the healthy choice. It all makes sense, considering sales of this segment of groceries are outpacing traditional grocery sales.



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