Sunday, July 22, 2012

TFP's Monthly Street Outreach - 9/11

Saturday 7/21/12, Philly activists Truth, Freedom, Prosperity & friends, met at LOVE Park for our monthly street outreach. This month's theme was 9/11. The day started with Mike Heise, Dana Costello, and I filming our segments for the upcoming Nationwide END THE FED Rally on 9/22/12.

We moved on to LOVE Park to hand out 9/11 fact sheets, engage in conversations with the public, and commit a few random acts of civil disobedience since Philly lawmakers have made it illegal to skateboard, feed the homeless, remove stones and plants, play frisbee, etc. Naturally we did as much of the above as we could, falling short of playing frisbee.

Lastly we ended up having an impromptu march across the city from LOVE park down to Independence Hall, led by an army truck with a "Remember Building 7" and an "Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth" banner on either side. Marching behind the truck, we handed out hundreds of fliers to the general public, ending our march with quite a night to remember, with our first and last visit to a local bar. Enjoy!

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