Thursday, July 5, 2012

Truth, Freedom, Prosperity - Upcoming Events Summer 2012

Truth, Freedom, Prosperity is a Philly based, local group of activists who share common interests. Most notably, truth, freedom, and prosperity. We've never been interested in trying to start national chapters, becoming incorporated, or trying to raise anything other than awareness on a local level. Our members strive to improve themselves, and in turn, the world around them. Here is a list of upcoming events either hosted by, or hold heavy interest by TFP members. Look through, see if something grabs your interest, and come join us!

Mark Passio and the Tesla Science Foundation are hosting the 2012 Nikola Tesla Energy Independence Celebration. TFP is a proud sponsor and will have an information table, join us!

Former Councilwoman Louise Murray is pressing the city council to enforce an ordinance, adopted more than 40 years ago, that states: "No person clad in bathing attire shall be on the boardwalk or the public walks adjacent thereto." So bring your skimpy swimsuits and let’s make this a fun event! Musicians, Dancers, Artists, and Agorists welcome! A number of activists in the Liberty Community will be speaking at the event. So come join us for some fun in the sun on Asbury Park Boardwalk!

Every month, TFP members meet at a set location to raise awareness and engage the public in conversations regarding seemingly controversial topics. This month's topic will be centered around events that happened on September 11, 2001. We'll be handing out literature, sign waving, interviewing people, and doing what we feel is our part to raise awareness. Join us!

To keep up with our members’ efforts and events, we will be meeting an hour and a half before TFP’s free documentary screening, at the same venue. This gives members a chance to interact, share their work, and to meet new and veteran members.

Truth, Freedom, Prosperity presents its monthly Documentary Film Screening & Discussion night on the last Thursday of every month at Essene Food Market, 719 S. 4th Street in Philadelphia. Please bring others. This meetup is all about outreachand waking up others to the reality of our present situation and how to change it for the betterment of all.

Have you ever used a fire extinguisher? Do you have any idea how often they fail to put out fires? Is it possible that in disastrous situations your local fire company may be too overwhelmed to respond to your emergency promptly? What would you do? For this engulphing edition of Survive and Thrive we will have a well trained firefighter with over ten years of fire service under his belt leading the group discussion.

Join us for the debut of the monthly event, Mike Salvi’s World Live at Underground Arts. Every month we will feature stand-up comedians, a musician, a sketch comedy group, and a featured activist to do a live interview, followed by a Q&A with the audience. After the show, the bar, the restaurant and the DJ will provide the crowd with plenty of entertainment, bring friends!

Join us as we stand together with the r3VOLution at Paul Festival (8/24 - 8/26) and with the Ron Paul delegates at the RNC (8/27 - 8/30) in Tampa, FL. A group of us are leaving together Thursday morning, staying overnight halfway to Florida, and arriving in Tampa on Friday afternoon. If you plan on driving (or riding down on a motorcycle with the rest of the r3VOLution Riders, email me directly at

Join us as we stand together in solidarity with other cities across the nation to raise awareness and rally outside the nation’s central bank, known as the federal reserve system.

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