Monday, August 6, 2012

Ep 12 - MSW Podcast ft Jameson & You 8/9/12 at 9pm

Download and listen here, MSW Ep. 12 - ft Mike Salvi & Jameson Take 3

Finally managed to make episode 12 a reality! Wednesday night I recorded an 80 minute show and the audio was too choppy. I rescheduled, rerecorded and livestreamed again Thursday night only to find out 75 minutes in that the sound was off. Not being one to give up, I recorded a shortened version of the show, 40 minutes, from my phone for what is now "Episode 12 - Take 3," enjoy!

Due to technical difficulties, the audio quality recorded on last night's episode was doo doo. HUGE thanks to those of you who tuned in, however, I didn't catch the sound problem until the end of the show...80 minutes and a half a bottle of whiskey later. This episode will be rerecorded tonight, 8/9/12 at 9pm EST thanks again!

Once again, it's been a few weeks since we've stepped into your world with another wonderful, paradigm shifting episode of the
 Mike Salvi's World Podcast

This Thursday, 8/9/12, history's favorite podcast host and one of Ireland's finest children, Jameson Irish Whiskey will join forces to go over a few colossal events that will take place in the near future. We'll also travel to the recent past to chime in on a few stories of interest.  

"And here is the best part!" 

This episode will be the next installment of interactive episodes, we not only welcome and encourage, but borderline need your participation. So take time to gather your thoughts, and email topics, questions, issues, etc to Too lazy to do that? Yea I would be too, no worries, chime in via USTREAM or facebook chat, and of course, you can always jump in via twitter. 

We'll go live on Ustream Wednesday, 8/8 at 10pm. We'll be open to live chat questions via facebook and Ustream, emailed questionstwitter messages, telepathically delivered thoughts, information beamed through the cosmos from other worlds and possibly parallel universes, and for the religious crowd, maybe even a sign from above, unfortunately not from any burning bushes, and hopefully not in the form of a catastrophic natural disaster.

Lots to cover, stories of interestupcoming events, perception, contemplation of existence, attitude, tragedy, comedy, euphoria, depression, and whatever else comes up. Join us!

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