Thursday, August 9, 2012

MSW Newsletter - Stories of Interest 8/9/12

I put this edition together over the past few days with the intention of covering this and 8/3's edition on episode 12 of the MSW Podcast. I had the podcast scheduled for last night at 10pm, walked in my house at 9:54 and rushed to get on the air by 10:00. Which didn't afford me time to finish this newsletter, and it didn't allow me to do a proper sound check either. I recorded and livestreamed an 80 minute show, only to find out the sound was total poo. 

Simple remedy was to delete the show, the sound was that bad, finish the newsletter today, and rerecord the podcast at a later date. Well, that later date has arrived, and I'll be livestreaming again tonight at 9pm EST. Lots to cover, tune in and enjoy! 


Adam "Ademo" Mueller, a journalist and co-host of radio show Free Talk Live, is facing 21 years in prison for reporting on police brutality toward students at a Manchester, N.H. high school.

The US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has thrown out the only lawsuit ever likely to advance on the federal government’s warrantless wiretapping, declaring in their ruling that the executive branch is above the law in this case.

When Jim Foster showed up with his 125 page petition to run for Congress, state elections officials rejected his signatures on the grounds that another member of his party already had a candidate. Although he filed as an independent, with and emphatically lower case “I,” the state prohibits nominees of parties with similar sounding names to appear on general election ballots, lest voters become confused.

The package contains 3 DVDs which address all aspects of the knee on belly position, including body positioning, entries and submissions. Jared breaks the DVDs into three categories including Mounts & Triangles, Chokes, and Armlocks. In standard BJJ class, you may learn 10% of the information in this series. Knee on belly is simply not a position most instructors break down like Jared does. I highly recommend adding this DVD to your collection. 

LA County sheriff's deputy was charged last Tuesday with filing a false report that got a woman arrested for drug possession, a Philadelphia police officer was charged last Wednesday with tipping off his half-brother about a heroin trafficking investigation, two Houston police officers were arrested last Wednesday on charges they stole cocaine and other drugs from drug dealers, and more!


The U.S. Government created Al Qaeda?

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