Monday, September 17, 2012

Ep 15 - MSW Podcast ft Zofia Hausman & Fernando Antonio Salguero 9/24/12 at 10pm EST

Thanks to Chris at, I've been able to add, not only high quality production, but also consistency to the Mike Salvi's World Podcast. We're now officially operating out of Laffcast Studios every other Monday live at 10pm EST

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When I say I'm lucky to be surrounded by greatness, I mean it with every shred of my existence. It's become seemingly overwhelming to, not only fight tyranny on all levels, but to flex your sovereignty. In this case, more people are becoming aware of the likes of Monsanto and their role in monopolizing how we feed ourselves. My friend Zofia Hausman took it upon herself to use her film-making know how to shine some light, not just on the dangers of GMO food, but she features a group who will hopefully inspire others to reclaim how we fuel and care for our physical selves.

Zofia Hausman, a British film maker and human rights activist, was born and raised in London, UK and spent most of her professional career in the music industry. In 2007, she decided to pursue a life long dream of photography and achieved a Progression Award in Photography. Her talent was quickly spotted, which led to her work being featured at the Tate Modern. In 2010 Zofia moved to Philadelphia, USA and went on to direct and produce her first piece of work, a short film called “The Corner Store Kids.” Starring Russell Simmons and US Congressman Chaka Fattah, it aired on Comcast VOD in the winter of 2011. 

In January 2011, Zofia formed Neviah Films LLC, a media production company creating content that raises awareness on social issues and the human condition. Its mission is to introduce new perspectives into public debate to encourage action and inspire "agents of change". 

Her latest project is a documentary called "The Agtivists." A film that takes a "critical look at the prevalence of genetically modified organisms and the bio-tech industries that have monopolized our food supply.

"The Agtivists are four American pioneers who have put their lives and reputations on the line to challenge the corporate control of our food supply. This film will reveal groundbreaking new research, helping us to understand how GMOs, crops that have had their DNA altered in a laboratory by the addition of genes from other plants, animals, or bacteria, have an impact on every single human being on the planet."

When asked why she made this film, Zofia said, "We have a right to know what we are putting into our bodies, but right now we are ingesting these toxins without our consent and involuntarily participating in what some scientists believe to be the greatest human experiment in the history of mankind. My goal is to finish this film as soon as possible, so we can release this information to the world and give everyone an opportunity to become conscious consumers. In this war on GMOs, information is power.

I first met Zofia a few years ago at a Survive & Thrive workshop with Fernando Antonio Salguero, a strong advocate of self-ownership and flexing your sovereignty (and one of my best friends in the world), so it's only fitting to have him involved in this episode of the Mike Salvi's World Podcast. Tune in Monday 9/24/12 at 10pm EST!

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