Monday, September 3, 2012

My Debut in a CNN Article

Dan Merica called me, and a few other grassroots Ron Paul supporters, to talk about the future of the liberty movement. Below are just a few excerpts, click the link to read the full article.

Paul supporters: Tampa to be a starting point forfuture liberty movements
The 77-year-old Texas congressman's rallying cry of liberty and self determination grew into a fervent cause that inspired legions frustrated with politics as usual and pressured the more established Republican field during the 2012 primaries. Those who stood with Paul and embraced his agenda believe the future will define his movement.
Mike Salvi has organized rallies for Paul in the Philadelphia area and plans a motorcycle caravan for the trip to Tampa. Salvi is not alone. Paul supporters nationwide will travel the highways to Florida in what many are calling "Ronvoys".
Despite the delegate deal that has reduced any chance of floor drama at the convention, Salvi is excited about being surrounded by like-minded individuals. "Now that Ron is out of the picture and his presidential bid is over, the idea now is that anyone who is going to Tampa has been a big figure in this liberty movement," Salvi said. "With all of us in the same city for a week together, we are going to figure out what is next, where we go from here. That is the biggest reason I am going." (full article) 

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