Thursday, September 6, 2012

Truth, Freedom, Prosperity - Upcoming Events - Fall 2012

Respecting your attention span, and your inbox, rather than sending out emails for each event, here's a list of upcoming events courtesy of Truth, Freedom, Prosperity, over the next few weeks. Scroll through, see what grabs your interest, and get in where you fit in!  

Back from Tampa, FL ladies and gentlemen! Tune in as we broadcast live from Laffcast Studios 9/10/12 at 10pm to help me welcome Rob Pepe, Jim Babb, Tom Boggia, & Jordan Page to Episode 14 of the MSW Podcast!

Join us for our next installment of the monthly event, TFP LIVE!!! at Underground Arts! Every month we feature stand-up comedians, a musical guest, a sketch comedy group, and a featured activist to do a live interview. This month’s show will be featured in the Philly Fringe Fest, bring friends!

Come out to the first fundraiser for the 2nd “Free Your Mind” Conference in April 2013, hosted by Mark Passio. All proceeds go toward offsetting the costs associated with bringing in out-of-town speakers for the conference in April. Conference tickets will be available at the fundraiser.

Stand and be counted at the Nationwide END THE FED Rally organized by Philly Infowarrior Mike Heise. There are simultaneous rallies at all FED banks across the country, which will be livestreamed and broadcasted by Gary Franchi on the Reality Report.

To keep up with our members’ efforts and events, we will be meeting an hour and a half before TFP’s free documentary screening, at the same venue. This gives members a chance to interact, share their work, and to meet new and veteran members.

Truth, Freedom, Prosperity presents its monthly Documentary Film Screening & Discussion night on the last Thursday of every month.

Be a part of our 3rd show, back on our regular schedule at 9pm. Our performers are TBA, however, you know you can trust that we will deliver greatness.  Come see our feature stand-up comedians, our musical guest, our sketch comedy group, and our featured guest interviewed live at Underground Arts.

Take a trip to NYC for the 3rd annual LibertyFest. LibertyFest will feature speakers, musicians, food, beverages, and an overall great time with liberty lovers from all over. Each speaker will be asked to include in part of their speeches, advice on where they'd like to see the Liberty movement head, now that the campaign has ended. Tom Woods, Adam Kokesh, Jordan Page, Rebel INC., Judge Jim Gray, Luke Rudkowski, John Bush & more, with Mike Salvi as the MC, join us!

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