Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ep 17 - MSW Podcast ft TFP All Stars 10/22/12 at 10pm EST

Thanks to Chris at, I've been able to add, not only high quality production, but also consistency to the Mike Salvi's World Podcast. We're now officially operating out of Laffcast Studios every other Monday live at 10pm EST

Recorded Live Monday 10/22/12 at 10pm EST

This episode will feature TFP All Stars who deserve way more credit than they're given.Truth, Freedom, Prosperity has always been about Philly area locals who pour their hearts and souls into promoting individual libertyself ownership, and strive to leave the world better than they found it. 

On top of all that they're some of the coolest, most fun people I've ever had the privilege of calling my close friends. So tune in and help me welcome Danielle Colton and Corinne Jacobs to the podcast world!

RSVP, share this page, invite friends on Monday 10/22/12 at 10pm EST to stop by Mike Salvi's World for what is gearing up to be an awesome episode, well do our best to entertain and inspire you. 

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