Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Philadelphia Rally for Phreedom 2012!

Join us Sunday April 22, 2012 as we gather on the lawn atIndependence Hall at the Philadelphia Rally for Phreedom 2012!

Starting at 1:00, we will feature live music, guest speakers, activities, and an overall day of fun! Prior to the event, we are hosting a VIP brunch, and an after party at the end of the day.

For details go to www.Phreedom2012.com

For sponsorship opportunities and media inquiries, contact us at info@phreedom2012.com.

Click here to RSVP on Facebook

Monday, March 26, 2012

Philly END THE FED Rally!!!

Truth, Freedom, Prosperity, in association with other local sound money advocates, presents our 8th END THE FED rally on Sunday 4/22/12.

This event will be a peaceful outreach, and we guarantee it'll be the most fun you've ever had at an economics rally.

Yes, the bank itself is closed on Sunday, and that's irrelevant to the underlying theme behind our rally, and that is to TURN YOUR BACK ON THE FED!

We're not asking the unelected, unaccountable decision makers who have a stranglehold monopoly on our money supply to meet any sort of demands. While there are countless solutions for the current economic climate, we as a group advocate educating the public about the Federal Reserve System, the dangers of central banking, in addition to finding ways to reduce your Federal Reserve Note footprint.
We will meet at the FED at 11am, rally outside, stand together, wave signs, and welcome our guest speakers.

Featured Speakers:

  • Adam Kokesh (Adam Vs. The Man)
  • Larken Rose (www.LarkenRose.com)
  • Scott Davis (Pennsylvania Revolution)

The sea of people that will make up our march will be lead by special guest hosts, Veterans for Ron PaulTHE FED Army Personnel Carrier! 

At 12:00pm the Veterans for Ron Paul will stand with us, fall into formation, and together we'll TURN OUR BACKS and marchAWAY from the FED. The march will end at Independence Hall at 1pm, just in time for the highly anticipated Phreedom 2012 rally ft Dr. Ron Paul!

RSVP & invite your friends! Keep checking back for more updates!

Here's an easy website to remember, invite your friends...

Feel free to contact us with any questions at info@phillyendthefed.com

RSVP on our Facebook Event Page

Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Guest Spot on "The Disindoctrination Podcast" - The Big Ten Relapse

Well, we tried to simulcast our shows, but that didn't happen yet. However, we DID get to record Garrett's 10th episode of the "The Disindoctrination Podcast" which was awesome! Check us out and subscribe to his show!

Click here to listen

After failing at getting the Ustream up and running, Garrett Fox has the honor of Mike Salvi joining The Disindoctrination Podcast. They speak of Mike Salvi’s World, his activism and organization of different rallys and events in Philly. Apparently Garrett doesn’t know what he’s talking about when it comes to the stamp act. Nullify Now! The latest event Mike has coming up in Philly. It’s called the…”Rally for Sound Money Day“. Great music from great friends and a new one Tatiana Moroz!

Garrett, can't thank you enough man, I had alotta fun, looking forward to having you on the show. Stay tuned and enjoy folks!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mike Salvi's World ft Garrett Fox - COMING SOON!

UPDATE 3/21/12: Learning as you go has its pluses and minuses...right now in Mike Salvi's World, we're experiencing a minus. No episode tonight, sorry, we'll back soon though so hang in there. I thought I knew how to use Skype with USTREAM, but clearly I don't. Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience!

here's a brief explanation of what happened

WORD! This episode's guest is, yet another one of my favorite people, Garrett Fox!

If you don't know Garrett, he's "a former skater/punk kid who never grew out of his disdain for authority and the fact that words on paper are only that. They don’t grant extra rights and powers to anyone. Yet he’s javascript:void(0)still trapped in the “real world” with everyone else. Always having an urge to discuss art, music, technology and all the holes in the walls, it was only natural for him to verbally point a finger at them and put it on the internet. He now lives back in his home town, in Maryland and works constantly on The Disindoctrination Podcast."

This episode of "Mike Salvi's World" will be simulcasting with "The Disndoctrination Podcast." This is my first attempt at an episode where my guest is live via Skype. I know the conversation will be awesome, as every interaction with Garrett is awesome, and depending on the quality of getting a video call onto USTREAM, this may open up alot of doors for the future of the show. We go live tonight at 6pm, TUNE IN!!!

Click here to watch live on USTREAM

Friday, March 16, 2012

Ep 3 - Mike Salvi's World ft Fernando Antonio Salguero - Friday 3/16/12 at 11:30am

Absolutely incredible conversation with Fernando! We cover quite a range of topics in our attempt to navigate through the rabbit hole.

I appreciate your patience with the audio levels, still working all this out, but after watching this and doing some more background work, I think I got it all figured out.

For more info on Fernando's free monthly "Survive & Thrive" workshops, click the pic below,

or visit www.meetup.com/SURVIVE-AND-THRIVE-Philadelphia-region. Thank you FerrrrrrNANdo!!!!

Download the audio version of this episode and subscribe to Mike Salvi's World on iTunes.

Strap in folks, I'll be joined on the podcast by one of my best friends in the world, Fernando Antonio Salguero. Fernando has been an activist for the better part of 20 years, he runs free monthly meetings called "Survive & Thrive" aimed to teach people "self preservation and care for our loved ones," and is just an all around great person to have on your side.

He led the charge for TFP's presence down at Occupy Philly last fall, and has helped to bridge countless gaps among different factions of those disenfranchised with the current state of affairs in our world.

Quick side note, not really sure where I'd be without him. So stay tuned for updates on what will certainly be an awesome conversation.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Random Ron Paul sign sightings, and my new friends.

3/13/12 UPDATE: The day after I posted this, I saw what's on the following video on my way home from work.

now back to our original post...

This is becoming less and less surprising anymore, however, the thrill has yet to disappear.

Almost two years ago my daughter entered into the dance world, hiphop, jazz, ballet, and a few other styles I can't keep up with. Last year, at her first competition, I saw a car in the parking lot covered in liberty centered bumper stickers, a few of which, were Ron Paul stickers. So I grabbed my camera, and a sign, and left them an anonymous gift.

Didn't leave my name or anything, just a thank you note along with the sign. It only took about 2 days before I got an email from the owner who saw the video online and emailed me through my youtube account. They loved it, thanked me, and I made a new friend.

Then a few months ago, dropping my daughter off at her dance school, I spotted another Ron Paul supporter's house. So naturally I pulled over and left a gift.

I actually knocked on their door on a different occasion since it happens to be in my district to have them sign my delegate ballot access petition, and of course, made a new friend.

Last weekend, on my way home from another one of my daughter's competitions, I saw another huge 20'x7' Ron Paul banner on a house with at least 5 Ron Paul 2012 signs in the front lawn, which happens to be on a pretty big high traffic highway. Not being one to pass up opportunity, I pulled over, froggered my way across 50mph traffic, and went on my way to make a new friend.

This time was slightly different than the other encounters. The front door had a sign that said something like "all deliveries around back, no one will hear you knock on this door." My only delivery was a thank you and a potential new friendship, so I headed around back. Not gonna lie, I heard a pretty deep, intimidating voice from the second floor wondering why I was on their property. In the friendliest voice I could muster, I said "I'm a Ron Paul delegate in Philly, I saw the sign and just wanted to say hi and thanks." The voice from the second floor leaned over the balcony and said, "yea that's my brother's, hold up...YO! someone's here for you!"

From the garage about 100 feet behind the house comes a pretty big dude with a black wife beater, with what looked like a pretty meaty .45 on his hip, so again I mustered up my friendly voice and a very manufactured big smile, and blurted out "my name is Mike Salvi, I'm a Ron Paul delegate from Philly, I saw the sign and just wanted to say hi and thanks!" Which probably sounded an awful lot like, "don't shoot!"

Once again, I made a new friend, we exchanged info, wished each other luck and I went on my merry way. If you want to make new friends, and have an occasional funny story, pull over when you see Ron Paul signs. It's easy to feel alone in this "fight" and it's easy to get discouraged when you hear what the establishment dishes out. One of the best cures for that is to get out in the street and go find like minded people. Online social networking is one thing, but there's zero substitute for talking to people in person, you'll be amazed out how not-alone you are.

Monday, March 5, 2012

My Guest Spot on N.A. Poe's "The Panic Hour"

This week I was one of the featured guests on Laffcast.com's The Panic Hour.

Huge thanks to one of my new found friends/high ranker on my list of favorite people N.A. Poe for the invite, big thanks to everyone at the show, and thanks to everyone who tuned in! Here it is in case you missed it.

I should note that you probably shouldn't listen to this at work or around the easily-offended...in which case you should probably get a better job and some cooler friends, enjoy!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ron Paul 2012 - Preston & Steve's "Cardboard Classic" WMMR

If you've never heard of Preston & Steve, you're either not from Philly, or don't own a radio. Either way you're missing out. There really is an entire culture built around their morning radio show. Aside from just being a morning radio show, they always seem to outdo themselves when it comes to what they offer their fans. Events like, Camp Out for Hunger, Drunk Day, The Vag Project, Painfully Single Mixers, Philly's Hottest..., and the "I Bleed for Preston & Steve" Blood Drive will keep them on the local map forever.

Another event that displays human ingenuity at its finest, is the "Cardboard Classic." Imagine you're a kid going sledding and all you have is cardboard, some duct tape you found in your garage, and a few magic markers. In your mind you'd build the coolest cardboard spaceship an 8 year old can build. Well imagine you have the same drive, only this time, you have better resources, and you're 40. Well Preston & Steve have provided the tristate area with an outlet for you and your dreams, and that outlet is known as the "Cardboard Classic."

For the second year in a row, local grassroots Ron Paul supporters / Preston & Steve Fans decided to participate in an attempt to get the Dr. some love, support, and some air time. For the second year in a row, the crowd welcomed them with open arms. I can honestly say, as a participant, every entry was the best entry. Whether it was a 30 foot Rocky statue built on a scaled down exact replica of the Philadelphia Art Museum, a Tiki Bar with 5 working kegs and a flat screen TV, the Wally World bound Griswold station wagon, Lone Star's ship from Spaceballs, or a hard to make out train (which was labeled "it's a train"), everyone did an incredible job.

Set aside 5 minutes and check out some of our footage from the day. Plans for next year are already in the works, I highly recommend making something and entering next year, join us and enjoy!