Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ep 25 - MSW Podcast ft Michael Badnarik 1/21/13 at 10pm EST

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No time to watch? No problem. Take us with you in your travels and let us get all up in your ears for a while. 

Staying consistent with the level of awesomeness with which the podcast is growing, we are honored to be joined Michael Badnarik!

Michael is a Constitutional scholar, and the author of Good to be King, a beginner's guide to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and Secret to Sovereignty, How to Survive the Second American Revolution

Michael travels across the country teaching his highly acclaimed class on the Constitution to growing numbers of people suddenly interested in "life, liberty, and property".  He is also available to speak to community groups on a variety of subjects related to private property and individual rights.

Michael was the 2004 Libertarian nominee for President of the United States, 2006 Libertarian congressional candidate in Texas, and was elected President of Continental Congress 2009, which met in St. Charles, Illinois to document government violations of the Constitution.

Michael has been studying the Constitution, the founding fathers, and the history of the American Revolution for 29 years.  He began teaching very early in life, and has developed a teaching style that is extremely effective and entertaining.  He is the teacher you always wish you had.

So mark your calendars, share this link, invite your friends, RSVP on facebook, and join us!

We record live on USTREAM (click to subscribe) from Laffcast Studios at 10pm EST, the audio version will be uploaded after the show.

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