Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fernando Antonio Salguero Offense/Defense Legal Fund

In case you missed the story, my friend Fernando, founder of Survive & Thrive Philadelphia, father, volunteer firefighter, activist, TFP co-organizer, and a long resume of being awesome, selfless, caring, giving, tireless advocate for self-ownership, was arrested Wednesday February 13, 2013. His charges? Possessing signal flares and pepper spray, which the Somerdale police and local media classified as weapons. 

While leaving court in Somerdale, NJ clearing up an old traffic citation that was dismissed, Fernando found his vehicle surrounded by police because two feet of the rear of the car was in front of a yellow painted curb. The police then told Fernando they were going to search his vehicle, since they did not have probable cause, he refused, they insisted, he then informed them he would record the search. 

that's the robot that shot out the lock to open the trunk

Allegedly a K9 detected "traces of explosive or incendiary materials," which was cause for a bomb squad and locking down the perimeter and a two mile radius around the Somerdale police station. After 12+ hours of a martial law situation, the police found signal flares and pepper spray in the vehicle and slapped Fernando with weapons charges. He was then arrested and sent off to Camden County jail. 

The incredible circle of friends someone like Fernando naturally attracts, swarmed at the opportunity to drop what they were doing and help him get home to his family. Donations, phone calls, sleepless nights, and yes, even driving into....*gulp*... New Jersey.

Thanks to the immeasurable generosity of two people, we were fortunate enough to be able to front his bail money. We're in the process of paying back this loan, and need to raise a total of $3,600 in order to do so. If you're able to contribute, please send whatever you can. 

We can't guarantee this money will come back to you, but if you know us then you know we'll work our hardest to do so. Every dollar helps. If 36 people kick in $100, we're good. If 180 people send $20, we're just as good. It all helps.

We know resources are scarce these days, and any help is appreciated. If you know Fernando, you love him, you know he'll take any fall he has to for complete strangers, he has selflessly given to all of us for years without a thought of recognition. Personally, I'm asking you to help my best friend, our brother, one of our greatest gifts. 

Click the link below to donate whatever you can, thank you

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    1. F'n commies. I won't go to NJ

    2. How is Fernando doing with this? Is there still a need for donations?

    3. Has this died for lack of interest? Is the danger past?

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