Friday, April 19, 2013

Ep 38 - MSW Podcast ft Mr. Lif, Corrected Axiom, Dave Casey, & Dan Torelli 4/22/13 at 10pm EST

Back and brought to you on a weekly basis, the Mike Salvi's World podcast is here to deliver greatness. We broadcast live every Monday at 10pm EST from Laffcast Studios. Watch the video live below and chime in via USTREAM chat. Can't watch? No problem, listen live on Shoutcast (yes, there's an app for that, look it up and type "laffcast" in the search).

No time to watch? No problem. Take us with you in your travels and let us get all up in your ears for a while. 

RSVP for Sleep No More on facebook, tag "Mike Salvi's World" in the event page for a chance to win an bracelet at the end of the show (877) 587-6833

Bonkers, bananas, wild, off the hook, no longer on the meat rack. All suitable ways to describe this week's episode of the Mike Salvi's World podcast. In studio we'll have Doc Rizk & Mozez Flowz of Corrected Axiom, Dave Casey & Dan Torelli of Deadbeatz Inc, and of course, our newly adopted children Mike Heise & Jamie Martin

Joining us live via Skype will be Mr. Lif. What do we all have in common, and why will we all be on the same airwaves at the same time? Only the biggest, rawest, hiphop show to hit the freedom loving world to date, SLEEP NO MORE

We want to hear from you, so email your questionscall, or chime in via chat during the show. 

We record live on USTREAM (click to subscribe) from Laffcast Studios at 10pm EST, the audio version will be uploaded after the show.

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