Monday, April 29, 2013

Ep 39 - MSW Podcast ft Chris Cantwell 4/29/13 at 10pm EST

Back and brought to you on a weekly basis, the Mike Salvi's World podcast is here to deliver greatness. We broadcast live every Monday at 10pm EST from Laffcast Studios. Watch the video live below and chime in via USTREAM chat. Can't watch? No problem, listen live on Shoutcast (yes, there's an app for that, look it up and type "laffcast" in the search).

No time to watch? No problem. Take us with you in your travels and let us get all up in your ears for a while. 

Thanks to our audience, big things are on the horizon for the podcast. In addition to being added to Next News Network, we received word last week that the unofficial Deathsquad Network has decided to add our show to their network! 

Aside from just being honored to be a part of the next generation of media in this age of information, we're just excited that people are taking such an interest in the show. We genuinely couldn't be happier that you all keep watching, listening, and telling people about it. 

Keeping the momentum going, we've invited comedian/activist Chris Cantwell to be this week's guest of honor. Seemingly rough around the edges, I have a ridiculous amount of respect for Chris. When he isn't using his camera to chase bureaucrats, he's usually screaming at them on his YouTube channel

Last but certainly not least, tonight we'll be introducing our news commentator, Allen Murdoch from the The Skeptical Libertarian. Allen will join us each week during our news segment to add another perspective to the latest stories. In its manifesto, TSL states the following:
The lessons of economics, science, and history lead us to be distrustful of moral busybodies and central planners, and to defend individual liberty, personal responsibility, and spontaneous social order. This philosophy is not grounded in dogma or tradition, but in reason, tolerance, and respect for human dignity. 
This devotion to reason is fundamental to libertarianism, and it underscores our responsibility to be honest, open to argument, and committed to skeptical inquiry. Progress, whether political or intellectual, relies on our ability to engage with others in a truly open-ended conversation.

We want to hear from you, so email your questionscall, or chime in via chat during the show. 

We record live on USTREAM (click to subscribe) from Laffcast Studios at 10pm EST, the audio version will be uploaded after the show.

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