Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Street Outreach for Bradley Manning in Philly - Livestream Saturday 6/1/13 at 1:30pm EST

Watch Live Saturday 6/1/13 at 1:30pm EST

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Join us this Saturday 6/1/13 in Philly at Independence Hall at 1pm for our Street Outreach for Bradley Manning. Our livestream will start at 1:30pm, join us via video and chime in via chat if you can't make it to Philly!

In support of Bradley Manning whose trial is scheduled to begin on June 3rd and the mass rally for Bradley at Fort Meade, we are going to meet for street outreach on Saturday June 1st to educate the public about Manning's nearly 4 year imprisonment without trial, the torture he endured at Quantico, that whistle blowing is not a crime and that the information Manning shared exposed the murder of innocent civilians at the hands of the US military. We have hundreds of fliers left over from the February Free Bradley Manning demonstration, so there will be no shortage of material.

Join us this Saturday, June 1st at 1:00 p.m. at Independence Hall at the First Amendment (tomb)stone located at 5th and Market Streets. As we're all aware, this is a popular time for tourism in Philly, we can break off into groups and pairs and target some of the well populated tourist areas. There is no better way for us to show solidarity then to continue to get the word out about Manning's sacrifices made to bring awareness to the American public, let it not be in vain! Please feel free to invite your friends! Hope to see you there!

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