Thursday, June 27, 2013

Drone Free Horsham Protest - Livestream at 12pm EST 6/29/13

Watch the Drone Free Horsham Protest Live Saturday 6/29/13 at 12pm EST

Part 1

Video streaming by Ustream
Part 2 

Video streaming by Ustream

For those of you not within reasonable driving distance, we'll be livestreaming the protest of the new reaper drone command center in PA. Join us Saturday at 12pm EST!

Join us in protest of the proposed Horsham reaper command center. Rise up against the unsanctioned killing of innocent civilians via Reaper Drones. Help raise awareness while this is still fresh - this is so much bigger than a handful of "good american jobs". This program is wrong. This is our town - It's our obligation to stand up and say something about it. 
Drones are killing innocent people & creating a new generation of terrorists. 
Drone Center Coming to Horsham:
Twitter feed detailing death tolls for every drone strike to date:
List of children killed by drone strikes in Yemen and Pakistan (by name - not just numbers - very sad)
Infographic detailing all drone strikes in Pakistan with alarming effectiveness:
Top Obama General warns of drone "blowback" - Is our Drone Program Creating MORE Terrorists?
FAA takes major step in expanding drone use in America

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