Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rally to Stop the Kensington Land Grab - Livestream at 6:30pm EST

Watch Live Tuesday 6/11/13 at 6:30pm EST 

Live video for mobile from Ustream

Join us tonight at 6pm EST for what we both love and miss, a livestreamed Philly activism event brought to you by Mike Salvi's World.

Tonight we'll be covering a rally to "Stop the Kensington Land Grab." Below are a few details about the rally, as well as a link to an article written in the City Paper earlier this year

Philadelphia politicians are stealing our properties for a private corporation.Stop the Kensington Land Grab
Philadelphia politicians are using the force of government to steal neighborhood properties for the benefit of a private corporation. Instead of purchasing land at fair market prices, this corporation has colluded with unscrupulous city politicians to seize properties without any due process. If they succeed, property owners will receive only a fraction of the property value as compensation.

• Eminent Domain = Theft
• The targeted properties are worth up to 10x what the owners have been offered by the city.
• The community is already growing without the need of politicians and taxpayer money.
• This project is being forced on the community with no due process.
• We've had enough government corruption and political payoffs.
• Schools and firehouses are closing, yet a private corporation is getting $3,800,000 from taxpayers.
• There are plenty of alternative sites available in the neighborhood.
• Community voices have been ignored.
• Can city taxpayers afford millions in possible litigation costs?
Take action. Join with your fellow community members to demand a stop to the Kensington Land Grab. Your property could be next if these bandits are not stopped.

Below  is footage of a rally we covered thrown by the community this past winter. We have since stayed in touch with them to back them in this fight, and we'll be there again tonight at 6pm EST to cover tonight's rally live.

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